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ATS Voyager Articulating Video Borescope

Video scopes have all but replaced traditional fiberscopes for endoscopic inspections -- and with good reason. They have much higher resolutions; they have no fibres to break; and most importantly they can record real-time video and still images of the inspection area. That's the key to a video scope: you can record your inspections on SD cards and store them with your maintenance logs. It's an excellent way to document maintenance issues, train mechanics, monitor progressive conditions, provide evidence of work, etc.

The state-of-the-art ATS Voyager video scope features an articulating tip that swings 240 degrees to reach every inspection point of an airplane.

With a simple turn of the control knob, you can move its stainless steel-sheathed tip from side to side to look left, right, and even backwards, giving you unprecedented access to areas that simply cannot be reached with a straight probe.

Also, included with the ATS Voyager are three (3) tip mirrors to look 70°, 90°, and 110° to the normal line of sight. These mirrors, coupled with its fully articulating tip, makes the ATS-VS22 uniquely suited for engine inspections, as you can place the probe at the bottom of the cylinder and "look up" at the cylinder head and valves with crystal clarity.

The three mirrors that comes equipped with the ATS Voyager are: a 70 degree (forward oblique) for the piston face, rings and cylinder walls; a 90 degree (right angle) for the cylinder walls and secondary plugs; and 110 degrees (rear oblique) to aid in inspecting the valves. In most cases, the articulation makes it unnecessary to use these mirrors, but we've taken the liberty of including them anyway at no additional cost to provide extra visual reach when you need it.

The light source of the ATS-VS22 comes from a set of "pure white" LEDs that delivers even, full-spectrum illumination to the inspection area without any red (incandescent) or green (fluorescent) colour casts that are sometimes present with other light sources. Lighting colour matters -- especially when you're trying to tell the difference between burning (bluing) and carbon deposit (black) on a valve, or simply trying to identify the colour of a wire.

And the subject of lighting, the ATS Voyager features a remarkable innovation that places an extra set of LED lights to the side of the probe, which when activated, successfully eliminates the glare and spots caused by dust and fingerprints on the mirror. The result is an absolutely crystal clear, well lit, image through the tip mirror. It's a brilliant idea that you'll be seeing on other video scopes in the future.

The camera captures video and stills at a full 640x480 VGA resolution, and optionally stores them to an SD card. The 3.5" display shows images with excellent clarity. The flexible 1 meter probe bends to any shape, while the sealed 6mm tip (with tip mirror) will resist dirt, scratches, and abrasions associated with normal use.

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