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Aircraft Tools


Engine Tools

Champion Engine Tools
Oil Filter Cutters
10X Illuminated Spark Plug Inspector
10X Spark Plug Inspection Magnifier
ATS Pro Heavy Duty Spark Plug Gapper (With Gauge)
ATS Spark Plug Thread Lubricant
Abrasive, Walnut Shells
Adjustable Seal Puller
Aircraft Engine Stand Kit (With Casters)
Aircraft Timing Indicator
Aviation Piston Ring Compressor
Champion Spark Plug Gaskets
Champion Spark Plug Thread Cleaning Tool
Cleaning Picks (Dental Picks)
Compression Stroke Whistle
Compression Tester Extension
Compression Tester Extension Hose
Cylinder Flex-Hones
Differential Cylinder Pressure Tester
Differential Cylinder Pressure Tester With Master Orifice
EZ Squeeze Bearing Packer
Eastern Differential Cylinder Pressure Tester
Eastern Differential Cylinder Pressure Tester With Master Orifice
Electronic Magneto Synchronizer
Engine Mount Alignment Pins
Engine Specialist Kit
Gasket Punch Set
Gasket Punch Set 10PC
Handy Packer Bearing Packer
Heat Resistant Arm Glove
Heavy Duty Spark Plug Gapper
Heli-Coil Individual Repair Packs
High Voltage Cable Tester
Hot Sleeve
Magnetic Spark Plug Socket
Magneto Lock Tool
Magneto P-Lead Adaptor
Magneto Synchronizer
Magneto Timer
Master Orifice Tool
Nut Splitter
Piston Pin Removal Toll
Piston Ring Groove Cleaner
Piston Ring Installer
Propeller Shaft Oil Seal Installer
Push Rod Flaring Tool
Push Rod Tube Spring Compressor
Rocker Shaft Removal Tool
Seal Puller
Slick Magneto Locking Pin
Spark Plug Cleaner
Spark Plug Cleaner & Tester
Spark Plug Erosion Gauge
Spark Plug Gap Expansion Tool
Spark Plug Gap Gauge
Spark Plug Gapper
Spark Plug Gapper & Gap Gauge
Spark Plug Hole Thread Chaser
Spark Plug Resistance Tester
Spark Plug Thread Chaser 12MM
Spark Plug Tray
Tach Drive Seal Remover
Talon Oil Filter Removal Tool
Tempest Spark Plug Tray
Temporary Assembly Pins
Terminal Lead Thread Chaser Kit
Topcap Engine Protector
Universal Bearing Packer
Vacuum Gauge & Fuel Pump Tester
Vacuum Pump
Valve Guide Flex-Hones
Valve Lapper
Valve Spring Compressor
Valve Tappet Clearance Gauge
Wrinkle Band Ring Compressor

Stocking, processing
and delivering aerospace parts

Hello and welcome to our website. Contained within these pages is most of the information found in our printed catalogue, all available to order online! In addition you can search our entire inventory of over 125,000 part numbers.

Stock and pricing of all parts listed on this site is live, all prices exclude VAT and shipping. All orders are subject to our standard terms and conditions.

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Quality products
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All our stock is available for next day delivery. In addition we have distributorships for Aircraft Tool Supply, LP Aero Plastics, Falcon Gauge, Ceconite / Randolph and Shield Technology to name but a few!

We are also the UK and European distributor for Aircraft Spruce and Speciality, with whom we have been doing business with for over 25 years.

Should you ever need any further information then our experienced sales team are just a phone call or email away and will happily answer any questions you may have.