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RV Builders Starter Kit

This scaled down version of our RV Builder’s Kit contains just the tools you need to get your feet wet with sheet metal construction. The kit closely follows the recommended tools list from Van’s RV TRAINING PROJECT-1 and their TOOL BOX KIT projects. This kit is also the minimum recommended set of tools to build the empennage (tail) section of the RV3, RV4, RV7, RV8, RV9, and RV10 series of home built airplanes. Start out with this kit, and when you’re ready to do more advanced work, get the upgrade package to take you all the way up to the full RV Builder’s Tool Kit.

Part Number Description Qty
113M E-Z Retainer Spring 1
7922R Swivel Air Regulator 1
181 Swivel Flush Set (1") 1
470-3-1/8 Rivet Set (AN470, 1/8") 1
148 Bucking Bar (Mini) 1
133 Microstop Countersink 1
1000-100-40 Pilot Cutter (3/32") 1
10L Wiss Snip (Left & Str) 1
10R Wiss Snip (Right & Str) 1
ATS6104 Reversible Air Drill 1
012-40 Cobalt Drill Bits (#40) 6
012-30 Cobalt Drill Bits (#30) 6
SP375A Speed Deburring Tool 1
131 Cleco Pliers 1
36021 Swivel Pop Riveter 1
MARKERS Permanent Markers 1
K-3/32 Clecos (3/32) 30
K-1/8 Clecos (1/8) 10
CP7AM 3M Cut & Polish Wheel 6" 1
685-1 3M Riveter's Tape 1
014-30 12" Drill Bit #30 1
4263DP-2 Dimple Die Set (3/32) 1
4710-2 Squeezer Set Flush (1/2) 2
2470 Back Rivet Set 1
AE1065 Back Rivet Plate 1
6785 Dimple Die Organizer 1
EA-SM Aircraft Mech. Manual 1
SP2005K Chip Chasers (4" & 8") 1
5022-3A Rivet Squeezer 1
204RV C-Frame Riveting Tool 1
CH1 Dead Blow Hammer 1
SVB-KIT Deburring Set 1

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