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Randolph Finish Colours

Whether you have used natural or polyester fabrics Randolph Coloured Butyrate and Ranthane topcoats provide the best finish for your aircraft.  They are the only approved choice for use on Ceconite fabric; no other topcoat may be used under the Ceconite STC and using other paints may invalidate any warranty.

Non-Tautening coloured Butyrate Dope is the final colour coat applied over fabric in the Ceconite/Randolph system. Randolph coloured Butyrate Dope is FAA approved as topcoat paint used over Ceconite. The only other FAA approved choice for use on Ceconite fabric is Ranthane polyurethane; no other topcoat may be used under the Ceconite STC.  The Ceconite/Randolph system with coloured butyrate dope topcoat has the advantage of ease of repair and the ability to be rejuvenated to increase service life.

Ranthane is a high-solids, flexible, two-part polyurethane that is FAA approved for use on Ceconite fabric. Other polyurethanes are not approved on the Ceconite STC. Although extremely flexible, Ranthane is also optimized for use on primed aluminium, steel, or composite surfaces.  Ranthane has three separately packaged components that are mixed before application, all three components are required and cannot be substituted.  They are the Ranthane coloured paint, Ranthane Catalyst and G-4200 Urethane Reducer.  Ranthane MUST be applied using a fresh-air supply spray mask, charcoal masks will not protect from polyisocynates in the spray mist.

New to the range is "Mark II for Metal" which is replacing the traditional enamel paints.  Mark II should be used over primed metal or composite parts and is too brittle to be used over fabric.  Mark II is a tough, long-lasting topcoat paint.  Although Mark II is a two-part catalyzed paint it is not catalyzed with an isocyante, thus normal safety equipment (a charcoal filtered spray mask) is sufficient.  You do not have to use a supplied air respirator when spraying Mark II.  Mark II colour should be mixed in equal volume with Mark II mixing liquid prior to application.

There are 50 standard colours shown here that represent the most popular classic colours from the vintage years of aviation.  They are produced on tinting machines to a standard formula meaning you always get fresh stock.  Coloured butyrate dopes produced on a tinting machine match the samples on the Randolph colour card but may not be exact matches for colours made in batches in past years at the old Randolph facility. Additionally, dopes age over time and thus change colour no matter how well protected the aircraft is in storage. When repairing dope finishes, hold a current Randolph colour card up to the existing finish to check for the best colour match. Do not rely on colour names or numbers alone; the colour card is the only way to determine a match with paints produced today from tinting machines.

We do offer a paint matching service however a sample must be sent to Randolph and a fee will apply for this - please contact us for more details.

To see the range of colours we can supply from the below table please contact us to get your FOC Randolph Colour Chart.

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