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772B MK2 Turner Inflation Adaptor

The MK2 inflation adaptor is used in conjunction with a pressure gauge when inflating, deflating or checking the air pressure in pneumatic or hydraulic components such as oleo legs which are fitted with non-return inflation valves with 1/4" BSP or 9/16" UNF connections, or components fitted with Schrader inflation valves.  It may be used also on air bottles, hydraulic accumulators and air systems operating at pressures within the capacity of the gauge connected to the adaptor.  Max operating pressure 4,500 psi.

The pressure gauge, which can be rotated through 360°, is separate from the spindle actuation which is lever-operated and spring-return.  There is no load on the spindle except when required to open the charging valve.

The Turner inflation adaptor illustrated consists of a bronze body with a provision for a pressure gauge, charging connection, release knob and a lever to operate a spindle which opens the charging valve.  The pressure gauge is supplied separately and is calibrated in one of the ranges listed.

The Turner inflation adaptor has a 1/4" BSP nut connection owing to the inaccessibility of inflation valves on the components of certain types of aircraft.  The inflation adaptor in its normal form cannot always be screwed into position without the addition of an extension adaptor.  Three such extensions are provided: one, the AGS valve adaptor (FZ14) is short and straight; another, the angled extension piece (GS2202/1) is longer and bent at an angle of 45°; the third (FZ15) is a short straight extension converting from 1/4" BSP to 9/16" UNF.  With these extensions it is possible for the inflation adaptor to be connected to inflation valves on the oleo leg installations of all types of aircraft.  A fourth adaptor, the Schrader valve adaptor (FZ13) is provided to enable the inflation adaptor to be connected to components which are fitted with the Schrader type of inflation valve.

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