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Bidirectional Woven Kevlar

**Note: These products are sold by the yard**

"Kevlar" 49 aramid fibre was introduced commercially in 1972 and is the Du Pont registered trademark for its new high strength, high modulus organic fibre. It combines high tensile strength (43,000 PSI) and high modulus (19 million PSI) with light weight and toughness superior to other reinforcing fibres for plastics. It is available in yarns and rovings which meet all FAA requirements for flammability. It shows no degradation in jet fuel, lubricating oils, water, salt water or high humidity. At cryogenic temperatures (-320°F.) performance is excellent with essentially no embrittlement or degradation of fibre properties. Kevlar 49 can offer both a significant weight saving and improved stiffness versus glass in addition to superior vibration damping and good impact resistance. A kayak made with Kevlar 49, for example, weighs about 18 pounds while the weight of a comparable boat made with glass would be over 30 pounds. The advantages over glass in small aircraft are similar - weight savings and improved impact resistance. Kevlar 49 is used in a number of parts on the Lockheed L-1011 because of weight savings of up to 30% compared to similar parts made of glass. One unusual benefit of Kevlar is its "quietness". A cowling made of Kevlar will be quieter and less sensitive to engine vibrations than its glass or graphite counterpart. 

Although all of the processes used in combining resins with glass fibre are adaptable to Kevlar 49 with little or no modification, it has been found that the vinyl ester type system is most compatible. The use of polyesters is not recommended because of poor bonding with Kevlar. The modified epoxy resin system featured in this catalogue is compatible with Kevlar 49 and has good wetting characteristics. 

Kevlar 49 is stocked in three different fabric styles. Kevlar #120 is a very lightweight fabric, while #281 and #285 are identical except for the weaving pattern. Other weights and weaves of Kevlar are available on a special order basis. Be sure to specify the Kevlar style when ordering.

Style W x F Weave Breaking Strength Lbs/Inch
      Warp Fill
120 34x34 Plain 260 250
281 17x17 Plain 625 650
285 17x17 Crow 630 650

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